Torchlessnail movie trailer

Review by Johnny Green of The Weed Blog

Thank you for the great review Johnny Green..The review can be read here

Torchlessnail in action at Emerald Cup

Emerald Cup Santa Rosa 2014

We have a sales rep at the Emerald Cup this weekend in Santa Rosa.

Emerald Cup


New Sour Apple Green cases now available!

New cases made with 3D printer

We just got a new 3D printer!  We’re pretty excited to be making our new cases in house with it.  This will allow us to have lots of different colors available, including a couple that glow in the dark!  Here’s what we’re trying right now, a nice bright blue.

Torchlessnail cases with 3D printer

Blue cases being made with 3D printer

Cannabis Cup 2014

We’re at Cannabis Cup 2014 in Denver right now! We don’t have a booth but we’re here. We’ve got some nails with us if you want to buy one, let us know!  Find us!
Posted a couple of videos on our facebook page..

Video of TN

Thank you OilHog for posting your video of TorchlessNail on YouTube…Here is the link check it out!

Updated Bowl

Hi everyone,

We have changed the design of the bowl.  The glass and the element are now separate units.  They are much easier to clean.  It is also cheaper for replacements.  This new design is also allowing us to drop our price a bit.  New price is: $370.  Pictures coming..



Welcome to our Blog

Welcome to Torchless Nail’s Blog!

We’d be happy to hear from anyone on questions, comments, and reviews of our product.


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