A few commonly asked questions. For all other questions please feel free to Contact Us. You can also leave a comment on this page.

Q. How hot does the element get?
A. It can go up to 1000 degrees if held on for more than 3 seconds, but most people prefer to keep it below glowing temperatures.
Users prefer to pulse the button and watch the oil bubble and vary the heat as the oil evaporates. It very user friendly that way.

Q. Can I use the TN while it is plugged in charging?
A. Yes!

Q. Are the batteries removable?
A. No. The batteries are sealed in the battery pack. Please do not tamper with the battery pack.

Q. Where do I buy your product?
A. Either directly from our website TN Products or try one of the locations listed on our PYMFU page

Q. What is the warranty?
A. Please read the shipping/return policy/warranty page for details.

Q. Will I get shocked if I touch the element?
A. No, the metal can not shock you, but it does get hot when in use.

Q. How do I clean my bowl?
A. – Unplug the bowl whip from the battery pack.
– Separate the element from the glass, wipe off element with a paper towel.
– Submerge the bowl in 99% isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol until it is clean. Allow it to dry before the next use.

Q. How do I season my new element?
A. Put a preferred piece of material in the well, then pulse button until evaporated. You will notice a thin film of carbon. That’s it.

Q. How long will my element last?
A. Depends on usage. We have reports of it lasting 2 months of heavy use; in our testing facility, we are getting longer results. If the element is well taken care of it can last up to 1500 uses.

Q. My battery unit doesn’t seem to be as strong as it used to be, what’s going on?
A. We noticed this happening in our earlier designs, we have fixed the problem with our wire crimping method. If you have an older one that this is happening with, send us a picture and we can replace it.

Q. I see copper, isn’t copper dangerous to be inhaling vapor from?
A. Yes you see copper, but those are only the leads, the bowl is 99.6% titanium. The copper for the leads, doesn’t get hot enough to emit any dangerous vapors.

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  2. William Knorr says:

    Can i purchase just the titanium bowl and not the entire element. My two elements are well over 7 months old and both are working great. My issue is that I have now poked holes in the center of the titanium Bowls. Been back to the old torch for a few days. I’m thinking something like a pack of ten or so would be nice. If this is possible please email me the details. Thanks. oh by the way nice use of the 3d printer and great product

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