The Torchlessnail has been proven to be safe and effective for use by Medical Cannabis patients.

Users with limited mobility find the ease of the push button, the portability and the instant heat conducive to their medical needs.
The bowl of the Torchlessnail can be preloaded with the desired material, when a patient is in need of their medication right away for spasms or pain management, they are able to administer a dose instantly with the the fast heating element by 1 push of a button.
The element cools quickly after each use, removing the danger of burns as other plug-in enails have been known for.
The long lasting li battery pack allows the user continued use for the entire day without having to be close to an outlet.

Torchlessnail is used in Hospice Care facilities and Cancer centers as well as in-home care. It is recommended to patients with MS, eplilepsy, ALS, cancer, and many others needing pain management and spasm control.

Testimonials and comments about the Torchlessnail for medical use:

Written by Physician Assistants and nurses who administers Hospice care and Cannabis related treatments to Cancer and Pain management patients.

“In our practice, we continually seek and refer vape delivery systems to fit patients which are considered the best/safest to use. Torch with gas and most exposed element Enails we’ve researched are not preferred nor recommended/used for our practice. Safety and portability are the main concerns in home and hospice settings…
After hearing the experience from the Nprac and seeing your videos, I certainly believe you’ve designed a heating delivery system that is well suited for safely and efficiently treating “Dab” patients.
I compliment you on your design using Li battery, and toggle/short burst power switch.”

“Torchlessnail has given our patients a clean and safe delivery method. The concentrates we provide can’t be clean and safe without a system like this. Thank you Torchlessnail.”

Comments from patients:
“I recently purchased a Torchlessnail. I love the portability. Thanks for your thoughtfulness! I for one really appreciate what you are doing. I am able to use my medicine from my favorite chair, I wasn’t able to do that before. We aren’t allowed to use a torches here.”

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