About Torchless Nail

No more need for that dangerous torch! The Torchless Nail is an all new rechargeable battery powered electric bowl.  It can strap on to a tube for easy mobility.  It’s convenient push button allows the bowl to heat up within 2 seconds. Note: The Torchlessnail is not designed to replace the traditional quartz or ti nail, this product was made for portability and practicality.


  • Electric glass borosilicate bowl
  • Rechargeable battery powered
  • At least 30 uses on every charge
  • Straps to any 2-5″ tube
  • No more torch
  • 99.6% Titanium Element
  • Heats to 500 degrees in 2 seconds
  • Fits into a 19mm female or 14 mm male
  • 30″ whip
  • Portable


  • Bowl and element allows up 1500 uses
  • Battery pack allows 300+ charges
  • fits with 19mm female or 14mm male
  • Unit includes: 1 battery pack, 1 glass element holder 19mm male, 1 glass element holder 14mm female, 2 titanium elements (bowls), 1 30” whip, 1.5 Amp charger
  • 1 amp charger charges unit in 6 hours
  • 4 amp charger charges unit in 1.5 hours

Price: $370
To inquire on wholesale or distribution please email us.